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Clergy & Leadership


"Ag Fás" - Irish Gaelic term meaning growth, or blooming. 


Ag Fás Coaching is all about growth, unlocking potential, and empowering spiritual leadership.


As a pastor or ministry leader, you dedicate your life to guiding others. But who guides you? Ag Fás Clergy Coaching is here to support your growth and impact. Together, we'll explore your vision, challenges, and opportunities, enhancing your leadership and strengthening your community. Experience confidential, compassionate, and expert coaching to deepen your impact and fulfillment in ministry. Let's embark on this journey of growth and transformation together.

Why Coaching? How does it help?

Coaching helps pastors and ministry leaders tap into their innate wisdom and potential, enhancing their effectiveness and fulfillment in their roles. Through collaborative and confidential conversations, coaching provides a safe space for leaders to explore challenges, discern new insights, and develop practical strategies for growth. By fostering greater self-awareness, clarity, and accountability, coaching empowers leaders to navigate complexities, deepen their impact, and align their ministry with their values and vision.

"The [coaching] space gives room for clarity and reflection as I navigate the waters. It has made me super intentional...the impact of coaching has been invaluable. It has been instrumental in how I follow through and implement the vision God has given." 

John, Ministry Leader

Without coaching I would not have been able to get this far in such a short amount of time. In fact, I would have been stuck...I am so grateful I was willing and able to be coached. The benefits of coaching are measurable and impactful. My suggestion to all who are thinking about being coached is to just try it for 3 sessions. Then decide if it is something that would benefit you in your career and life.   

LeAnn, Business Owner and Entrepreneur

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