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Coaching For Growth



"Ag Fás" - Irish Gaelic term meaning growth, or blooming. 


At Ag Fás Coaching, the mission is very simple: to help you imagine, plan, and take the best next steps, that will help you grow in life, ministry, and leadership.


All of us already possess the tools we need to move forward and grow, but we don't always recognize that.

Sometimes we get stuck and it can be difficult to get going again.

This is when coaching helps.

I'm a professionally trained coach and an Elder in United Methodist Church with almost 25 years of church and non-profit leadership experience gained in both Northern Ireland and the United States.

I'd love to become your coach and help you take your best next steps!


The benefits of coaching are many:

  • 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence.

  • More than 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.

  • 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more. 

(ICF 2009)


Ministry can leave an individual feeling like the entertainer spinning plates on a stage - frantically expending energy, leaping from one plate to the next just to keep the whole show going. And for many clergy, the recent years of ministry the global COVID-19 pandemic has only exaggerated this feeling. 


When ministry is like this clergy can be left feeling isolated, exhausted, and empty of vision.  


If this describes your current experience, coaching can help. As your coach, I will create a safe space for you to process what you are journeying through, help you rediscover your passion, and ask you the questions that will help you take your best next steps.


Get in touch today to schedule your complimentary inquiry call to find out more.

Blurred Business People


Leading and managing in the workplace is not for the faint of heart. Ensuring that a team is motivated and empowered to meet goals, monitoring and reporting progress, managing budgets, and dealing with the dynamics of personality within a team - these (and more) are all aspects of the work that require strong levels of focus and attention. They can also place those who lead and manage under extra pressure which often results in diminished overall performance

It does not have to be that way though.  Working with a leadership coach regularly can help you prioritize tasks, manage relationships, and envision next steps.


If you think this might help you (or someone in your team), why not get in touch today to schedule a complimentary inquiry call to find out how coaching can help you and your team.

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Anyone can become stuck, sensing that growth and momentum in life has stopped. When this is our experience, working out what steps to take next can be difficult.


But we do not need to stay stuck! 

Working with a coach will help you get going again by creating a safe space to name your realities, imagine possibilities, develop plans, and give you renewed confidence to move forward.

If this sounds like what you need, contact me today to schedule your complimentary inquiry call and find out more.

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