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"Working with Charlie has helped my swirling thoughts to settle into clear, focused goals and objectives, giving me confidence and clarity as I step into new challenges. His warm & personable demeanour, underpinned by a natural instinct to come alongside, encourage and champion has provided invaluable support.


I’m happy to commend Charlie’s coaching services to anyone looking for a supportive guide through a change or challenge."


"As a former pro Soccer player and coach and after many years in church and entrepreneurial mission ministry in the Christian arena, I have recently been very fortunate to benefit from the coaching of Mark "Charlie" Charles. He has built a warm rapport with me and gained my trust. He has also listened to me deeply and walked with me as I transition towards the next stage in my career.


If you want to move towards a better future, consider Charlie. You’ll be glad you did!"

Rev. Rob Burns

(Founding Director, Missional Links Wales)


"Charlie cares passionately about people. His family, his friends, his colleagues, his congregations - his care and attention to them is a rare gift. 

The same care and attention to the authenticity of each and every human makes his coaching personal and caring. For Charlie it’s not about a career or a dollar, it’s about authentic living, and how all of us can be the best for each other. I have appreciated his coaching deeply, and will always value his attention to my growth as a human"

Rev. Dr. Julian Hamilton

(Irish Methodist Minister


Co-founder of The Good Summit)

"Charlie is such a great support! He has helped me seek clarity in my thinking and enabled me to forward with my goals at a time I felt stuck.  His thoughtful questions bring challenging discussion that inspire confidence to take action.  


Although initially I felt unsure about the idea of coaching, Charlie quickly put me at ease with his warmth and encouraging spirit. I would highly recommend coaching with Charlie!"

Jo C.,
Youth Director


"As a ministry leader, I can sometimes feel I am sailing through the fog of life. While I am leaning into the Spirit’s guidance and direction, sometimes the leaps of faith to follow the calling feel daunting as I sail this course. I have found assistance in this process by inviting a coach’s help. The open sacred space gives room for clarity and reflection as I navigate the waters. It has made me super intentional in walking out of the course, and the impact of coaching has been invaluable. It has been instrumental in how to follow through and implement the vision God has given. Amazingly, the Spirit has given all that is needed; often, it is just reflecting on it all and seeing just what was given."

John E. 

Ministry Leader & Coach

"As an Entrepreneur, I am always busy with tasks and deliverables to keep sales and operations processes running smoothly. I have lots of To Do Lists and I’m very Task Oriented. The ability to identify and accomplish large amounts of growth focused deliverables helped grow my business and become financially stable and successful. All businesses go through cycles and what might work for the first 5-7 years doesn’t usually continue to work for the next 5-7 years. That’s where the gift of coaching changed my business and my life for the BETTER. When I started being coached, I was able to find my vision and my north star and my future planning skills came alive. I discovered a way to dream, plan and execute my daily tasks with more intention and with a future focused purpose. I became aware of opportunities and was able to pursue them with a new focus and mindset. I became a true leader and highly effective entrepreneur for this next stage in the life cycle of my business. Because I found a coach my efforts in my business and my life are more rewarding AND much more successful. Without coaching I would not have been able to get this far in such a short amount of time. In fact, I would have been stuck with no idea what I was missing out on and the opportunities that were passing me by on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. I am so grateful I was willing and able to be coached. The benefits of coaching are measurable and impactful. My suggestion to all who are thinking about being coached is just try it for 3 sessions. Then decide if it is something that would benefit you in your career and life."

LeAnn C.

Owner, Undercover Eyewear LLC 

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