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Have you just found out that you will be moving to a new appointment this summer? If so, you are starting out on some of the most exciting times of ministry - new job, new church, new home, new community, and an opportunity to make a brand new start in your new community of faith. In the last 25 years, I've experienced MANY transitions from one ministry position to another (including two international moves) and can confirm the excitement of it all!

But I can also say that a new appointment can bring some of the most challenging times in ministry, too. Transitions can be difficult, presenting unique challenges to you and your family. In a season of change, coaching can help as you navigate closing one chapter and beginning another. Coaching can also help you start right in a new place: imagining possibilities early on, setting achievable goals, taking steps towards achieving them, and, most importantly, growing in ministry as you do.

I'd love to coach you through this season of change! Click the "Get in touch" button below to send me a message  and set up a complimentary discovery call in which you can find out more!

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